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We Are A Collective Of Creatives, Visionaries And Early Adopters.

We are a collective of creatives, visionaries and early adopters.

Our expertise spans content creation, social media engagement, and SEO/ SEM.

Professional Creative Services You Can Trust

Our strength is accentuated by our global presence, diverse clientele, and relentless creativity.

Appetite for Innovation

Our distinguishing trait is an insatiable appetite for innovation. We’re not ones to settle for mediocrity or the mundane. At FORTUNE, the confluence of technology and creativity steers us, heralding a technological revolution in the digital domain. Artificial Intelligence is more than a mere feature in our repertoire; it’s woven into our very essence. This devotion to AI ensures our clientele benefits from offerings that are both avant-garde and consistently eclipse the competition.


At FORTUNE, sustainability isn’t just an afterthought; it’s central to our mission as a digital marketing agency. By emphasizing sustainable practices in our operations, we aim to ensure a better future for all. To delve deeper into our commitment to the environment, we invite you to explore our detailed sustainability pledge.

Our Latin America Vision

Shawn, FORTUNE’s founder, recognizes Latin America as a beacon of talent and innovation. With a vision to intertwine this region’s rich culture with FORTUNE’s technological expertise, we’re setting our sights on establishing a collaborative footprint there by 2030. We invite you to learn more about our endeavours in Latin America and how we envision it as an integral part of our narrative.

Miami’s Creative Hub: Unleashing Digital Potential

FORTUNE was born from a Miami dream: to transform the digital landscape. We’re a passionate team of creators, designers, and strategists who combine cutting-edge technology with captivating visuals to elevate your brand online.

Beyond Miami:

While Miami fuels our creativity, our impact extends nationwide, with a strong presence in the thriving city of Atlanta.

What Makes Us Different:

We’re obsessed with innovation. We reject the ordinary and embrace the power of bold ideas to fuel a digital revolution.


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Social Media Marketing, Content Creation & SEO.

Social Media Marketing, Content Creation & SEO.