Full-Time Social Media Management

Strategic, Data-Driven Social Media Solutions

In a digital age where everyone “knows someone” who manages social media, FORTUNE sets itself apart by infusing purpose, strategy, and data-driven insights into every aspect of social media management. Our flagship service isn’t just about maintaining a presence online; it’s about leveraging social media strategically to achieve tangible results. Working closely with your team, we develop a comprehensive social media strategy tailored to your existing goals, KPIs, and marketing frameworks—or build one from scratch.

Why Choose Our Full-Time Service?

  • Integrated Content Creation: Say goodbye to coordinating with multiple freelancers. Our in-house team captures high-quality content, ensuring your brand’s social media channels are vibrant, engaging, and aligned with your marketing strategy.
  • Strategic Scheduling & Performance Tracking: We don’t just post content; we schedule it strategically and monitor performance relentlessly to ensure optimal engagement and conversion rates.
  • Data-Driven & Results-Focused: Aesthetics matter, but conversions matter more. Our approach is rooted in achieving your marketing objectives through actionable insights and data-driven strategies.
  • Cost-Effective, All-In-One Package: Our comprehensive service model means predictable marketing costs, eliminating the need for additional content creators. Everything you need for social media excellence is included in our monthly plan.

For businesses seeking to elevate their marketing through strategic, results-focused social media management, FORTUNE is your ideal partner. Our holistic approach ensures your social media efforts are not just seen but felt and responded to, driving your brand towards its marketing goals with precision and creativity.

Event-Focused Social Media Management

Dynamic Social Media Strategies for Your Events

For those not in need of a full-scale, month-to-month social media management plan, FORTUNE offers specialized, event-focused social media management. This service is perfect for clients with event-centric or conference-focused marketing needs, providing a targeted approach to social media that captures the essence and excitement of your event.

Why Our Event-Focused Service Stands Out:

  • Tailored Content Strategy for Events: We develop a bespoke content strategy that highlights the unique aspects of your event, ensuring your social media channels buzz with anticipation and engagement.
  • Short-Term Plans, Long-Term Impact: Our short-term social media management plans are designed to provide maximum impact for your event, offering comprehensive coverage from pre-event hype to post-event engagement.
  • Seamless Social Media Takeover: We handle everything—from content creation to posting and engagement—allowing you to focus on making your event a success while we amplify its digital presence.

Whether it’s a one-time conference, a series of workshops, or a corporate event, our event-focused social media management service ensures your event not only succeeds offline but also shines online, creating lasting impressions and extending your reach far beyond the event itself.


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