Latin America

Commitment To Latin America

Commitment To Latin America

FORTUNE harbors a special fondness for the region, viewing it as a land of untapped potential and boundless opportunities, where we aim to inspire and be inspired.

Hub of innovation

Latin America – a region bursting with talent, creativity, and an undeniable drive. FORTUNE’s founder, Shawn, recognizes the immense potential of this vibrant region and envisions it not just as a market, but as a hub of innovation and creative brilliance.

Deep-Rooter richness

By 2030, FORTUNE aims to establish a significant presence in Latin America. Our mission is unambiguous – to create a space of collaboration where the deep-rooted richness of Latin American culture intertwines with FORTUNE’s advanced technological strength, ushering in unparalleled digital mastery.

Tech Hubs

Consider the tech hubs like Medellín, dubbed the “Silicon Valley of South America”, which stands as a testament to the region’s rapid technological evolution. Reflect on the tech startups making waves across cities like São Paulo and Buenos Aires, indicative of the region’s rise in the tech arena.


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